Friday, April 18, 2008

im trying to pushing myself to move on....

there is a fine line between of letting go or to keep it in helping myself to move on...

apart of me is dying,my heart is bleeding..and still it is...its hard when you missed someone soo much and been trying to do all you can to melt his frozen heart...still,we're not moving anywhere..

well,lets just not stuck on that stuff..yesterday,i've just watched the movie..the tattooist..the movie was quite ok...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

i love it...

this evening i went eating with sya at oldtown...dang!! i love the javanese noodles..yummy!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

a week left to prepare..

-everything's not lost (coldplay)-
today is sunday..april 13th..its weekend again..for the first time im glad that i've just made a malay poem..hehe..
owh,anyway,i only got a week to prepare my kinda worried of it...damn,im so worried...
my stomach just aches...nak beron..hehe..but later...
rite now im feeling kinda happy,feels like i wanna touch the sky high up above ...i guess im in not sure,but im scared if its not really what i called love...if only i can melt his heart..i hope his heart is melting slowly everytime we meet..God knows how much i love him and how hurt it is missing him...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

getting ready for this semester break...

today is quite a good is a good day...well,im in love...i guess it is..damn,i miss him so so much..i love him so so much..phew,all i want to say is that i need him in my life...~gosh~im tripping soo badly..i wish that i can say that i love him everyday of my life...why am i feeling this such a fool rite now...huu~

i got high frm caramel mac's...just drank was fun going out spending time with my brother n my dad...

if only i can shout it out loud 'i miss him'...owh..

owh,by the getting ready for this semester break...i'll be having class this holiday...

Monday, April 7, 2008

sidewalks~story of the year...

this song reminds me of someone..that is why i like this song..i miss him..honestly i really do..but i guess he's just to blind to see me in front of him..or maybe im not good enough for him..who knows..rite..only he's the one who know's everything...there are times i feel like im such a fool thinking of him..argh~bummer~
The bridge is all crumbled.
The water soaks into rocks that fell at the bottom of the road (At the end of the town.)
The town that we lived in. The memories shaken apart from the weeds that grow
Over the sidewalks, Running away from the streets we knew,
Sidewalks, Like the time we thought was made for you.
Oh...Out on the front porch, watching the cars as they go by(Eighteen blue, twenty one grey) Looking ahead for the first time that we could drive, Out on our own,
To speed away From the sidewalks,
Running away from the streets we knew,
Sidewalks, Like the time we thought was made for you.
Oh...All of the days have passed us by, All of the sun is gone... away.
Sidewalks, Running away from the streets we knew,
Sidewalks, Running away from the streets we knew, Sidewalks, Like the time we thought was made for you. (Sidewalks)
The bridges are crumpled, The water soaks into rocks, (Sidewalks)That fell at the bottom of the road.

im feeling hungry laa...

here i am again..

today is just like the other ordinary day..except,i had the same problem like last week..i couldnt take any breakfast...its just weird and strange cos it'll come out frm my tummy...i guess its maybe because im stressed out..its usually like that...fever..cold..flu..headaches..

lets just skip that..

now,im so happy that i can listen to my mp3 back..hehe..

currently im listening to 30 seconds to mars..but today i got another song..its frm story of the year..sidewalk..i love that song..
rite now,im feeling hungry..hehe..

Saturday, April 5, 2008

today is sunday..

its not sure what i should do..aduss~bosan giler..
im still feeling lazy to start preparing 4 my finals..i've just ironed my clothes for tomorrow..
rite now im listening to 30 seconds to mars..thanks to siti(back frm cyber),i got da whole album..*yeaY*
still,i dunno what to do 2day..*phEw*any ideas??

Thursday, April 3, 2008

today is my 1st day typing in this site..thanx to sha..hehe..

im so darn bored today..juz got my maf380 test done...yux,its kinda bad..

well,dis morning i had a caramel latte frm san francisco coffee...(caramel flavor is my fav)...

fuh,i got no ideas wht 2 type rite now..